To all our readers and commenters, we would like to begin with stating the following:

Climate change is nothing new, but something that has been around for about the last 4 1/2 billion years, since the planet came into existence and started getting an atmosphere.

Global warming, is something that is part of the ongoing climate change, and has been so since the beginning of time, exactly in the way that the current global cooling has.

Neither climate change, global warming, or global cooling is something new – it is all part of the natural cycles.

What we at climate facts are strongly skeptic about is the claim that global warming and climate change is man-made, and despite scientific evidence to the contrary, the man-made AGW bandwagon keeps rolling, ignoring science, what is physically possible, and significant factors that are completely outside of human control, such as atmospheric water content, solar radiation and general weather patterns shifting over time, volcanic emissions, natural climate changes and so on.

That Scientific facts are deliberately distorted and misused to support something that they in fact do not, and that they are used to support and maintain views that could have and has serious impact on our daily lives, for absolutely no good reason, whether that may be taxation, laws, political or environmental agendas.

We want to show the scientific facts for what they are, explain what they mean, and more importantly what they do not mean, in light of the current “debate”, a climate debate where ordinary people asĀ  well as scientists with divergent views are branded heretics for not signing up to the ” public consensus”, an epitet nobody deserves, as it would not be the first time even a single individual has proven the masses wrong by discovering something new and previously unheard or not thought of.

We will not tell you what to think or what views you should have, nor will we brand you a heretic if you have a different view from ours.

You are a free thinking person, fully capable of making up your own mind, based on the real, true and hard facts that real science as well as common knowledge and logic can offer.

All we ask, is that you open your mind, and try to read what we and others have to say, take it in and think for yourself, and then make up your own mind about these issues.

The mere fact that you’re here and reading this indicates that you have already started this process, and we will try to provide you with as much fact as we can together with commentary, links, discussions and news on the subjects to help you along the way.

We don’t care what stance you take, as long as you take one based on the available facts, and not what you have been told or force-fed to think.

We at climate facts have no specific political agenda – we try to stay neutral when it comes to politics, but as always, any views expressed in articles or comments to the same is the personal views of it’s respective author, and not necessarily the views of the Climate Facts team.

Staying neutral, does not mean that we are not allowed to bash officials, scientists, politicians or anyone else for their actions contrary to scientific evidence or common knowledge.

Guest articles and scientific papers are considered on their merits.
For guest articles or scientific papers, please contact us on [email protected].

The author Damien Fields is a recognized member of Climate Facts editorial staff and writes under the same pseudonym.

Chris Sprucefield
Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Climate Facts

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