Al Gore pulls out of COP15

This is not so much about hard science facts, but what is happening around the COP15 meeting.

More than 3000 people had booked tickets at $1200 (DKK 5999) each to Al Gores event, but now, Al Gore has decided to pull out of the COP15 meeting.

The event hosted by Berlingske Tidende newspaper group, says that the lecture on Thursday was cancelled by Al Gore, because of  “unforeseen changes in his schedule”.

Unconfirmed rumors has it that he has pulled out in light of the recent climategate events that stems from the leaked emails from the CRU, and him not wanting to answer any inevitable questions about the whole thing.

To add to his griefs, a couple of hollywood screenwriters says that he should be stripped of his oscar for the movie “an inconvenient truth”.

Al Gore has previously during public question time refused to answer questions from journalists about some issues with his movie “an inconvenient truth”.


Al Gore aflyser foredrag under COP15 – Al Gore cancels his lectures during COP15 – Danish

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