Climategate – where it all started

This site was created very much based on the climategate revelations, where prominent scientists has been claimed to having doctored the climate data that forms the basis of the global warming claim.

We thought there had to be a counterweight to what’s going on, a counterweight that is based as much as possible on the facts, rather the current situation where the climate agenda seems to be based more on something that could be described as being closer to a religion, than scientific facts.

Science and religion has very little in common, in fact, nothing.

Science is based on hard facts that can be reproduced with the same results in any independent laboratory given the data and a description of how it has been initially performed, where belief cannot be reproduced and prove to yield the same results independent of the believer.

As being the executive editor, I think it is appropriate that I explain a little bit about my background and the basis for saying what I say.

I myself have quite long background in measurement technology at national and international level, where I have been working for some 10 years in a calibration laboratory dealing primarily with temperature, electrical units and time/frequency measurements, including doing some research and developments in measurement methodology.
I don’t claim to be a scientist, formal or otherwise, but I do know enough about the subject and the requirements involved in scientific work to be able to speak in a somewhat authoritative manner.

Given my background, I think I may have the right to claim that I have some insights into the field of measuring technology and methods, how to interpret the data, how to report and documents the results and methids used to get there, essentially what can be described as the do’s and don’ts of the trade.

When it comes to the subject of  “Climategate”,  there unfortunately seems to be quite a lot to wish for in terms of documentation, data retention, peer review, publication, honesty, traceability, interpretation and so forth at some of the most prominent scientific climate research centers around the world.

The sad fact is that this leaves us all in a state of limbo, not really knowing who to believe, the skeptics or the climate scientists, where the climate scientists claim one thing after another, that fails to be reproducible in any kind of independent scientific review, if, where and when such is allowed to happen.

You, me, everyone needs to challenge the politicians, scientists and other environmental representatives regarding these issues, and stop them from continuing taking actions that is based on false science and demand that they start acting in line with the principles of real science. This is especially important as the current political agenda, if continued, is likely to have serious impact on human life, not only economical aspects, but on even the basic needs such as food production, something that may a very serious negative effects in the longer term.

We can already see these effects in higher food prices and scarcity of some foods as large quantities of farmers now favors alternative fuel production over food production.

We need to get our priorities right.

The environment is not a one question issue as it has been for far too long, much thanks to the global warming scare, but a multitude of issues that needs it’s individual proper care and attention, something that is now long overdue.

This is not climate denial, but a true an honest attempt to view the current matters in a more realistic light, where we set aside political agendas in favor of the hard and honest science.

Come on, you say, the polar bears are drowning, the Arctic ice is thinning and so on.
Fact is, that the recent research over the last decade shows a totally different picture than the one portrayed in the media, by the politicians and climate scientists, where the number of polar bears is rapidly growing, the Arctic ice is thickening as never before, and guess what? The global average temperature has over the last decade not risen, but actually been falling.

These are not made-up fantasies, but facts reported by a multitude of independent institutions and scientists.

I will not cover everything in the first article, so please stay tuned!

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