1%, 2%, 5%, why not 50%?

Africa is about to turn up the heat on the climate conference by demanding that the developed nations sets aside 5% of their GDP and gives it to them, to compensate them for the effects of global warming.

Some countries gives 1% of their GDP in contributions to develop and aid underdeveloped countries, the UN draft suggested a 2% levy on developed nations GDP, and now, Africa demands 5%.

What is it with Africa?

Despite the money already spent, they have not taken the chance to stand up, and their “leaders” has taken “care of ” the subsidies given, and very little has actually come to benefit the people of Africa.
Why would this be any different this time, and why should Africa alone get 5%, as there are regions in Asia or South/Latin America that would in large meet the same conditions.

Can they actually prove that they have been hit harder by the so called AGW than anyone else, and what they see is not being an effect of their own actions such as deforrestation, burning of land, unsustainable forms of agriculture that we know turns rich soil into desert land, mining operations without consideration of the environment, dumping of toxic waste and so on?

Why not demand 50% of the developed nations GDP while at it, because they have just as good chance to that, as 5%.

5% of EU’s GDP would amount to almost $1 trillion, or approximately €650 Billion.

The combined GDP of Africa as a continent of $2.1 tn, so they effectively demand 1/4 of their combined GDP from EU.

If you add in some others, like Oceania, Northern America, Eastern Asia, you get a combined figure of around (2004 figures) 12.8+14.2+0.7+12.8, or $40.5 tn, and 5% of that is $2 trillion, or the combined GDP of all African countries.

I believe that before any of that would happen, they would have to get rid of their dictators and other shoddy regimes, end their seemingly never-ending wars, start building schools and hospitals that are available to everyone, and start applying sustainable agriculture so that their food supply is secured, as well as making sure there are proper water supplies.

Dumping a pile of money on Africa before these critical issues are solved, will achieve nothing, and Africa’s shortcomings on these issues has nothing to do with AGW or CC.

Africa needs to get their own act together, and before they do, no money in the world will make them happy.

Africa considering tough demands

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