What is really the issue on cop15

Its no question about it. I am a person that have a lot of doubts about the so called AGW. But the real issue here is not about the climate. Whether we have a warming or cooling or if the researchers showing a warming has cheated or not. That is clearly not the real issue.

The real and very controversial issue is if it is carbon dioxide – CO2 – that is causing it.  Why do I say that? Simple. The documents that many countries are supposed to sign in Copenhagen has 3 major parts.

1. Reduce emission of CO2.
2. Introduce a trading mechanism for treading emission permits.
3. Make UN the “High Court” for some issues related to this.

That is what he documents in Copenhagen are all about. It is all about CO2.
Now let that sink in, and by all means study all the documentation you can get your hands on to see if that is not true.  Sure there might a lot of other things but the the only things that really have a great impact on the world economy and to you as a person are these taxes and restrictions on CO2. To be able to make those drastic reduction on CO2 emissions governments has to in some way or other tax you for emitting CO2. Don’t doubt that. You as an individual are going to pay. And other people will make money trading CO2 emission contracts

Now, why this lengthy discussion about CO2. Again, because that is what it is all about. It is not about the climate. It is not about melting ice. It’s not about saving polar bears. It’s not about raising ocean levels. It is not about cheating researchers. It is not about climate change, the climate will always change. Unfortunately the debate is fought on the AGW proponents terms, namely about the climate.

The debate should concentrate on making absolutely clear that it is CO2 that influence the climate. What I have seen that has not been proved. I have seen the graph that was presented by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”. That graph DOES NOT show that CO2 causes the temperature to rise. It shows that CO2 increases when the temperature rises. And that is governed by a chemical law. Cold water stores more CO2 than warm.

Get back to basics. PROVE that CO2 has a significant influence on temperature and I will make a new evalution. Stop discussing the climate changes. Concentrate on CO2. I regard it complete insane to take the these drastic measures to lower CO2 emission at considerable costs and reduction in living standards on an assumption (not proof) that CO2 has a significant impact on the climate. What I do know is that an increase of CO2 in our atmosphere will stimulate growth. Check the real issues here.


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